LUX Rock Light Pro Installer Kit


LUX Rock Light Pro Installer Kit

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LUX LED Rock Light Pro-Installer

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The all new Pro-Installer from LUX is here. Robust design, high output, clean and easy installation of any LUX single color lights. Now with optional 2 zone control. The Pro-Installer from LUX can easily power up to 20 LUX lights, perfect for the LUX Built to Fit kits, DC series, and standard lights. 

For 2 zone operation simply flip the zone selector switch to '2 Zone' and add the optional accessory switch. This option is perfect for operating fender well lights separately from ground effect lights


Simply the highest quality, cleanest, and most complete installation kit on the market. Simply connect the battery ring terminals to your battery bolts, mount the switch, and connect the lights to the screw terminals. No taping, crimping, or soldering required.

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600 Series LED Rocker Switch

This high quality 12 volt Rocker switch from LUX is a single throw ON - OFF switch. It has a face surface size of 0.90'' x 1.92''(49mm x 23mm) and uses a standard din size mounting hole of 0.83'' x 1.45''(36.8mm x 21mm). This is the standard size of most switch holes in modern vehicles, however it is best to check your particular hole size if unsure. 

  • Single Pole Single Throw ON - OFF switch 

  • Black hard surface rocker. 

  • Single upper blue L.E.D light.

  • Single lower blue L.E.D light

  • Upper light is ON when the switch is pressed UP.

  • Lower light can be wired to separate dash light circuit.

  • Waterproof rating of IP66. 

  • Rated 20A 12V. 

  • Cutout dimensions are 0.83" by 1.45"(21mm x 36.83mm) 

  • Panel thickness between 1/16'' and 1/4''(1.6mm~6.3mm)