VK56 Engine Swap Plug & Play Harness for 05-12 Xterra, Frontier & Pathfinder


VK56 Engine Swap Plug & Play Harness for 05-12 Xterra, Frontier & Pathfinder


V8 power now available for your 05-12 Nissan Xterra, Frontier and Pathfinder.

This plug and play harness is a great option if you can't send us your harnesses or need to minimize the downtime of the vehicle getting the Vk56.  We also offer a complete harness conversion service If we have your harnesses in hand we can verify all the wiring. Nissan made subtle wiring changes from year to year.

As far as engine swaps go it doesn't get any easier than this. 

This swap can be completed in a weekend. The engine and transmission mount locations are the same as your truck's current locations. No fabrication is needed.

Your purchase comes with technical support.

You'll need a 04-12 VK56 with transmission and ECU and some other minor odds and ends.

We recommend using UpRev tuning (Cajun B Pipes can tune you remotely) to remove the NATS microchip key security system and get the best performance from your VK56 swap.

We also recommend changing the Titan OEM engine and transmission mounts out with PRG Products mounts. The OEM mounts are prone to premature failure.

Please allow 1 week for fabrication of your harness after receipt of your order.

In your order comments let us know: 

Make, model and year of vehicle receiving the VK56


Make, model, year, column or floor shift of the VK56 donor vehicle

Your VK engine harness must be from a 4wd donor vehicle if your vehicle is a 4wd and if your vehicle is 2wd your VK56 donor harness must be from a 2wd donor vehicle.

We highly recommend contacting us to double check the donor vehicle/parts you plan on using are compatible with your vehicle prior to purchasing them and this custom harness.

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Here is the video from our first turn of the key after completing the swap.