Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators


Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators

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Set of 4 Coyote tire deflators with a carrying case and instructions.


  • Easy & Quick To Use
  • No Tools Required
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable From 4-56PSI
  • Made in the USA

1) Destination pressure range of 4 to 56 psi.  Staun deflators need three different models to cover this range.

2) Coyote Quick Chuck.  Like everything else that screws onto a standard valve stem, Stauns require 4 to 6 twists of the wrist to fully engage. Coyote Quick Chuck only needs 2 to 4.

3) Stauns did not recommend driving while they were airing down.  With Coyotes, this is no problem since no reasonable amount of tire spin or bounce will bother them.

4) Manual start ring.  This primarily comes into play when you want to release that few pounds of pressure increase from cold morning to hot midday.  You simply screw them back on at lunch, or whenever, pull the manual start ring and bleed off the increase. 

The other way this feature comes into play is when you want to fine tune the pressure exactly.  You install the deflator in a tire and measure the pressure when it stops.  Knowing that the adjustment rate is (depending on the spring you choose to use) between 3 to 4 psi (silver spring) or 6 to 7 psi (red spring) per rotation of the Adjustment Cap, you can easily approximate the needed adjustment.  Now, the manual start advantage.  You only have to air up your test tire a few pounds above your set pressure, pull the ring and remeasure.  You do not have to go through the time consuming process of fully airing up and fully deflating the tire.

5) The Coyote tire deflators sport a reference mark in the cap to help keep track of these fine adjustments.

6) You could not use tools to lock your setting on the original Stauns because they were so finely made that pinching tools, like pliers, would distort the body and bind the piston in the main body.  Not being able to securely lock the Adjustment Cap meant that in the process of using them, you could unknowingly lose your adjustment.  The Coyotes Adjustment cap and Lock Collar are hex and you can easily very securely lock your setting with open end or crescent wrenches without damaging the deflator.

7) The Coyotes are shorter and fit into tighter valve stem applications.

8) Lifetime warranty

9) Made in the USA

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Greatly increase your traction when offroad with these deflators.

Machined from solid brass, these little deflators are easy to use and very accurate. Set-up is easy too.

The kit includes four (4) deflators and a durable storage pouch for storage.

Just screw them on to your tire valve stem and walk away. They automatically stop bleeding air when it gets to the preset pressure.

They are fully adjustable from 4 to 56 PSI and are the most sensitive automatic deflators on the market and they are built to last and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!